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 Melodia Nera (Black Melody) was written for Jan Williams as a solo for timpani. It was first performed in Denmark and later performed by Anthony Miranda. 

| Black Melody | Audio Clip | Musical Score |

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Prison Dirges is multimedia piece which takes up an entire evening. It consists of seperate panels in sound, which are detachable as chamber works. Sections of it were first performed on Altcatraz Island, in San Francisco. 

Prison Dirges - Audio Clip - Musical Score#1 - MusicalScore#2 - Life StoriesVideo Clip 1 - Life StoriesVideo Clip 2

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The Hunger Of The Sleepwalkers is a  dance pantomine for a sleepwalker dance- pianist, and accordian- pianist. It is an onieric waking dream with slides and theatre props, with text by Bataille and Krishnamurti. 

The Hunger Of The Sleepwalkers - Sleepwalkers VIdeo Clip

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Tears Of Eros, for two reciters, viola, piano, percussion and twenty-six tracks of sex sounds, is an oral rumination on Bataille's Death and Sensuality.

Tears Of Eros - Audio Clip - Musical Score

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Melodia Arcana was written for Anthony Miranda and first performed at the American  School in Paris. Based on the Tarot, melodies are assigned to the different cards in the manner of  Italo Calvino.

Melodia Arcana - The Tarot - Audio Clip - Musical Score

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Etudes For Crippled Hands is a  keyboard technique that was developed after working with handicapped children. The Etudes were first performed by the composer at the Headlands Center for the Arts, in San Francisco. 

Etudes For Crippled Hands - Audio Clip - Musical Score

Three Black American Folk Songs

Three Black American Folk Songs Sung by Pam Smith at the Bang On A Can Festival with the Bang On A Can All Stars.

Audio Clip 1 - Audio Clip 2 - Audio Clip 3

"Network of Radiation" performed at the Headlands Center For The Arts, San Francisco.