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Tarot Game Piece with Pierre's Eye.                           Avant Collective

Chorale Injured Bird.

Inside the Glass Case Sleepwalkers Arrive Onierodrama Sleepwalkers proceed.

This is a list of recent Performances of works by Rocco Di Pietro.

Compositions Performers
Tarot Game Piece with Pierre's Eye Avant Collective
Tears Of Eros Barbara Adams
Ipseity Rocco Di Pietro, Recitation
Chorale Injured Bird Rocco Di Pietro, Piano
Onierodrama Michelle Yeary, Daniel Kelly, Josh Coffman
Sleepwalkers with Introjects Rocco Di Pietro, Piano and Celesta
The Glass Case Of The Heart's Fragility Rocco Di Pietro, piano, clocks and recitation
Anoxia Rocco Di Pietro, recitation, and processed synthesized sound
Tears Of Eros (Torso Version) Avant-Collective
Etudes For Crippled Hands Daniel Kelly, piano
My Dinner With Afasia Rocco Di Pietro, piano and recitation
Wings Avant-Collective
IPSIETY Rocco Di Pietro, processed synthesized sound and recitation
Prison Dirges Model Version Avant-Collective
Two Shamanic Dances Water Regular Ensemble
Prison Dirges I ( The Normal Exception) Chris Howes, Columbus Symphony String Quartet

This is a list of recent Performances of other composers, performed by Rocco Di Pietro.

Composer Title and or Performers
Morton Feldman Triadic Memories for piano
Karlhienz Stockhausen Aus Den Sieben Tagen, Water Regular Ensemble
John Zorn Cobra, Daniel Kelly Ensemble
Josh Coffman Electronic Intuition #1, Water Regular
R. Litchfield 9918, Rocco Di Pietro, Piano