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The Third Position
My Dinner with Afasia
Musician Without Notes
In The Weeds Of Dialectics

Melodia Nera
Melodia Arcana


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June 29 - Compfest, "Lost for Christian Boltanski", with Avant Collective.

July 6 & 7 - Recording studio with Joe Vers, Stockhausen, Takahasi, Di Pietro, Casey and Zorn, with Avant Collective, Marotta, Reed, Shiflet, Madd Lab Ensemble

Sept 7 - Stanford Art Museum Garden Performance, Cantor Arts Center, Round Glass Concert with Paul De Marinis, Mark Applebaum, Roberto Morales and Rocco Di Pietro

Sept 8 - Mills College Colloquia with John Bischoff and Mark Alburger on Boulez Dialogues

Sept 10 - CCRMA Monterey Bay Water Performance with Chris Chafe

Past Performances

Rocco Di Pietro
Solos With Electric Shadows From Lost 5

Lyotard Quiries Stockhausen:
"Can thought go on without a body"



    Upcoming Performances & News

    Works of Di Pietro - The Interpretations Series

    New York City at Roulette
    Sept 26, 2019

    Rocco Di Pietro piano recitation in Berlin

    With the Mivos String Quartet, playing Rocco Di Pietro's Quartet Imaginal Listening, and with Kathleen Supove Pianist playing Rocco Di Pietro's Two Pastels for Lukas Foss, and with Joseph Kubera, pianist playing Rocco Di Pietro's Acoustic Poems. Robert Dick Flutist playing with Rocco Di Pietro Eastman Hail Mary with Rocco Di Pietro playing and reciting his Message from Julius Eastman.

    Mivos String Quartet Kathleen Supove Pianist Joseph Kubera Pianist Robert Dick Flutist

    Performance from March 25, 2018 at Savvy Contemporary in Berlin

    Message from Julius Eastman (2015) and Hail Mary (1984)

    Learn More


    Performance November 3rd at the Wexner Center for the Arts

    John Cage: Works for Solo Piano
    plus Di Pietro’s Rajas for John Cage Leap Before You Look Performances

    Thursday, November 3, 2016 4:30PM
    Thursday, November 3, 2016 6:00PM

    Join us in the galleries to hear Columbus-based composer, writer, and educator Rocco Di Pietro perform a selection of solo piano works by Black Mountain College teacher and composer John Cage, plus his own Rajas for John Cage. Cage’s work has been a longstanding source of inspiration to Di Pietro, an affinity you’ll hear in his original meditative homage composed for narrator and chamber ensemble. Fusing narration, improvisation, and Cageian structures, Rajas for John Cage offers a unique window into the composer’s life and music, insight that Di Pietro has demonstrated in his book of the same title—a series of story poems that won him a 2012 Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award. An Ohio Arts Council artist in residence and guest lecturer and composer at Stanford University, Di Pietro is currently an adjunct professor at Columbus State Community College.

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    Rocco Di Pietro at Spectrum New York

    Rocco Di Pietro at Spectrum New York flyer


    Coming Soon

    Rajas for John Cage Cover


    SEM Ensemble performs Rocco Di Pietro's "Rajas for John Cage "in New York City


    "Finale" performance at Stanford University on May 12, 2012

    ‎"Finale" is now published by BabelScores!

    Rocco di Pietro - BabelScores - Contemporary Music Online

    Access easily a selection of classical contemporary music through search engine, discover or research. Listen for free, take a look or buy scores (sheetmusic) online. Composers can submit their work in order to be diffused by BabelScores


    Rocco Di Pietro on SoundCloud

    Rocco Di Pietro
    Listen to Rocco Di Pietro on SoundCloud


    Now Available

    ETUDES Cover


    Rocco Di Pietro with Ensemble, OSU Choir, and OSU New Music Collective under Tom Wells
    RAJAS-FINALE from "The Rajas for John Cage"

    Performed on November 19th at Weigal Hall


    Rocco Di Pietro - Rhizome For Evelyn Glennie from Rocco Di Pietro on Vimeo.

    World premiere performance of Rhizome For Evelyn Glennie by Rocco Di Pietro at Weigel Auditorium at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

    The piece premiered on April 14th 2010 and was performed by Jan Williams, Ryan Jewell, Matt Evans, Rocco Di Pietro and The Ohio State University Percussion Ensemble.


    Spring Dates

    April 14, OSU Weigal Hall, "Rhizome for Evelyn Glennie", with jan williams

    May 2, The Flea theatre New York City, "Rajas for John Cage", with Larry Marotta, Robert Dick and Ryan Jewel

    May 21, OSU Weigal Hall, "Italian Rajas", with New Music Collective and Tom Wells

    June 17, OSU Urban Arts Space,"Body Trap",Music for acupuncture with Linda Chun


    Rocco at CCRMA

    Interview with Rocco at SiCa
    Visit the Gallery


    New Scores


    Melodia Score



    Upcoming Events & News for 2009

    Starting in January 2009 Di Pietro will be SICA (Stanford Institute for the Creative Arts) Composer in residence. He will undertake a variety of projects in a campus wide initiative including writing his orchestra piece "Finale.As artist in residence working across disciplines he will write a new piece for the "Wired Sound "ensemble with Chris Chafe,Pauline Oliveros and Chryssie Nanou. As a guest composer he will show his work to Jonathan Berger and Paul De Marinis,and write a new section of the on going cycle: "The Comedy of The Real" for Ge Wang and the Stanford Lap Top Orchestra at CCRMA (Center for Computing, Research, Music and Acoustics). He will also perform in a public concert and seminar of his work.



    Rocco Di Pietro will be performing a new work called "Caravaggio" for virtual cathedral organ and electronics.

    Adrian Coburn - voice.
    Kathy Supove's: "Music With A view"
    New york at The Flea Theater
    41 White Street
    October 13th, 7:00 PM

    Releases Now Available

    live from roulette

    Caprices for Goya

    The Third Position

    Multiples and The Lost Project


    Forthcoming Releases for 2008

    Caprices For Goya Cover
    Postcards Cover

    Rocco Di Pietro will be performing in New York City at the Roulette Experimental Inter-Media on Saturday, May 26, 2007. This program will feature Kathy Supove, Robert Dick, Larry Marotta, and David Reed. For more information in regards tickets, reservations and directions, please feel free to contact the following number, 212-219-8242.
    Dirge Composition

    Di Pietro to premier new composition in New York

    Rocco Di Pietro, instructor in Humanities, has composed a new piece for the internationally renowned percussionist Evelyn Glennie. The work is called "Rhizome for Evelyn Glennie," and will be premiered at the State University of New York's Buffalo Percussion Ensemble under the direction of Anthony Miranda in 2007.

    The composition requires the help of LA sound percussionist Stephen Smith, who is constructing an all-stone instrument to be connected to real-time live electronics.

    Di Pietro says the idea for the piece came after his illness with gall stones gave him the idea that "every illness is a musical problem" (Novalis) so the metaphor of stones as drops of consciousness for Evelyn Glennie--someone who uses her other senses to hear--was fitting.

    While still a student, Evelyn Glennie learned that she was going deaf. Rather than abandon her study of music, in which she had shown such talent, she instead turned her focus toward percussion instruments and developed her ability to feel the sound through her body.

    Evelyn Glennie

  • Di Pietro to Teach at Stanford University (CCRMA) This Fall -  "Three way seminar with Chris Chafe, Pauline Oliveros and Rocco Di Pietro.
  • Katrina Youth Monograms @ COMFEST
    For hand bells, electronics, accordion and guitar.
    With Hannah Corbin-handbells, David Reed sampler, RDP-accordion, Larry Marotta-guitar.
    Community Festival at Goodale Park in Columbus, Ohio

    Sunday June 25th 5:30pm
    on the new Solar Stage
  • New Works Of Rocco Di Pietro
    @ Acme Art Co.

    Sunday February 26, 2006 in Columbus, Ohio

    Click Image To Enlarge
  • Los Angeles Sonic Odyssey
    April 2, 2006

  • Saturday April 29, 2006
    Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
    CCRMA at the Knoll, San Francisco, California
    Three-day festival of music and scholarship.

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The Freeyellow Rescue Project:

The freeyellow rescue project has been completed. This project was an effort to archive the contents of Rocco's old website which was located at You can view the archived contents at the link below...

Rocco Di Pietro Freeyellow Archive


Coming Soon:

Andrew Lynch-Cover art

Two new text writings/radio works


and its companion piece now in progress

Part of the forth coming book MUSICIAN WITHOUT NOTES

Two works dealing with the questioning of alternate realities.

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2005 - 2006 Broadcasts:

Iain Edgewater Host:
Prisms Radio Show series 2, #74 ,
Bellevue/Seattle: January 15-16, 2006:
Rocco Di Pietro
"Mobile Phone Dreams B"

Something Else Radio:
June 27, 2005

Other Voices Radio:

WREK Music Database:

Chamber Lost 2 For Christian Boltanski pt 4 Rocco Di Pietro Multiples / The Lost Project 01-20-2006 03:48 Night Rocco Di Pietro Editions

Chamber Lost 2 For Christian Boltanski pt 4 Rocco Di Pietro Multiples / The Lost Project 07-22-2005 03:51 Night Rocco Di Pietro Editions

2004-05 Broadcasts:

Difficult Listening - Australia
Sarah Combes and Bryce Moore
September 26 - Tears of Eros
October 10 - Dead Sleeping Soliders
November 7 - Prison Dirges

[email protected] - Steve Bradley - New York, Amsterdam, Helsinki January 26 - Dead Sleeping Soliders, Prison Dirges

Performances: Los Angeles Sonic Odyssey -
Spectrum Press, March 12, 05
Prison Dirges

WHFR.FM "Making Waves"
Dearborn/Detroit radio broadcast
October 17, 04
Dead Sleeping Soliders

Alternating currents WMSE-FM 91.7 Milwaukee
September 5 - Multiples
October 3 - the lost

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2003 Broadcasts:

[email protected] - Steve Bradley - New York
02/11 - Tarot Game Piece, Ipseity, Lost for Christian Boltanski

Sonic Stratosphere - Chris De Laurenti
June 7 - Anoxia
June 28 - Glass case of the Heart's fragility
June28 - Tears of Eros
August 23 - Ipseity

Performances: Dartmouth college
Electric Rainbow Festival
Eric Lyon
August 27th - Unknown Lost, Prison Dirges

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Dialogues with Boulez
Available from Scarecrow Press

Book Description from

Pierre Boulez is arguably classical music's most important living composer and conductor. His most famous compositions, the widely-performed "Le marteau sans ma"tre, Pli selon pli," and "Le visage nuptial", have earned him the reputation as a musical provocateur, while his current role as principle guest conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra has established him as patriarch and elder statesman of today's classical music scene. In this book of dialogues with author Rocco Di Pietro, Mr. Boulez reveals delightful ideas and insights on composition and imagination, listening and teaching, and muses on the nature of youth, communication, and fame. Di Pietro's unusual writing format allows the reader to more easily understand the complexities of Boulez's thinking. A firm believer in accidents, he reveals how his career took shape through a combination of coincidence and talent. Essential for recent Boulez converts and long time devotees alike.

BUY from


Other Writings:

The Third Position

My Dinner with Afasia

Musician Without Notes

In The Weeds Of Dialectics


The Normal Exception:
Life Stories,Reflections and Dreams from Prison

coming soon from

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Menocchio the Precursor

a monograph by Rocco Di Pietro

on Carlo Ginzburg's "The Cheese and the Worms"

Menocchio was a simple family man, a miller by trade. But he was also a voracious reader, a man who possessed of an extraordinary curiosity constructed a radical cosmology and dared to present it to the world. In 1599, he was burned at the stake as a heretic. Menocchio is representative of a fascinating popular history known as micro-storia, which challenges the nature continental revisionist nature of history. Also having points of contact with the Annales historians and the English “history from the bottom up” where a simple rope maker could educate himself and interact with the higher world, it is very germane to our students at Columbus State.

available soon from


2 Minute samples from the 2 CD Set:
Retrospectives of the Music of Rocco Di Pietro

1. Prison Dirges, (Model Version B) (1995)

4. Tears of Eros, (Torso Version B) Live Multiple (2001)

5. Deconstructed Fountain From Ravel with Derrida Watching (1996)

Samples and CD available from

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2 CD Set: Retrospectives of the Music
of Rocco Di Pietro



Including the...
Avant Collective




"Moves beyond the usual rhythmic and formal grids...into brand new currents."
Kyle Gann, Bang on a Can
- Village Voice

"Electrifying in its rapid passages"
- Sueddeutsche Zeitung

"Like a typhoon that keeps trying to blow you down."
- New York Times

"Absolutely striking, ending in exstatic somesaults."
- Munchen Merkur

"A true original"
- Lukas Foss

Books by Rocco Di Pietro
The Normal Exception
Dialogues with Boulez
Musician Without Notes


Multiples and The Lost Project

is now available at!



Fanfare Reviews:

Paul Ingram

Robert Kirzinger


Multiples and The Lost Project is a 2 CD retrospective of the work of Rocco Di Pietro. It represents at least twenty years of work in the cross over between electronic, acoustic, and improvised musics.

You can purchase Multiples and The Lost Project from CDBaby, EMF, or by calling 1.800.289.6923.

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     Rocco Di Pietro was born in Buffalo, New York in 1949. He
studied composition and piano with Hans Hagen and Lukas
Foss in Buffalo and at the Berkshire Music Center, Tanglewood.
 He studied in New York and Darmstadt with Bruno Maderna
and was a freelance composer for twenty years before earning
degrees from SUNY Buffalo and Vermont College.He became
an interdisciplinary adjunct professor teaching in prisons and
on many college campuses throughout New York, Ohio, and
California. He toured California prisons as artist-in-residence
and conducted four years of interviews in Chicago with Pierre
Boulez. The resulting book, DIALOGUES WITH BOULEZ, was
recently published by Scarecrow Press. He composed Prison
Dirges I for the Kronos String Quartet.
     Di Pietro's music has been performed by many musicians in
venues throughout the world. These include: Christiane Edinger,
Christobal Halffter, Lukas Foss, Julius Eastman, Bruno Maderna,
Frances Marie Uitti, Yvar Mikhasoff, Jan Williams, Anthony
Miranda, Gunther Schuller, Dennis Russell Davies, the Buffalo
Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, The Brooklyn Philharmonic, the
Bavarian Radio Orchestra, Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra, CETA
Orchestra, Ojai Ensemble Sonor, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra,
Columbus Wind Orchestra, Earlham String Orchestra, the Avant
Collective, and the Madd Lab Orchestra. Venues include: The
Kitchen, La Mama, Bang On A Can Festival, in New York,
Contemporary Music Society of Seoul, South Korea and American
Academy in Rome among others. Recent performances of LOST
have been featured at Dartmouth College and Stanford University.
     Recently, his work has developed on several fronts. Sound
text radio works have developed simultaneously with his teaching
at Columbus State College of electronic music and other courses
in the Humanities. These works have been broadcast on radio
stations in Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, New York and in
Europe, in Naples, Rome, Vienna, Prague, Budapest etc.

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Essay on The Lost Project

LOST for Christian Boltanski is an ongoing project which consists of a series of works based on the musical monograms of lost children. These missing children from the “Have you seen us?” cards come in the mail from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 1-800-the lost.

Using the classic technique developed by Bach, various ensembles from trios to small orchestras and choruses perform the child’s name as it is transcribed on the card. The cards that come in the mail become the “parts.” The work unfolds by means of a structured and guided improvisation with the notes as written. The results vary widely from the different LOST 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The work has grown out of my concerns as a social composer who moonlights as a social worker. As such, it is an attempt to make connections between art and life. As a community outreach piece, many of the decisions about which children’s names to play, and in what order depend on the technical capabilities of the ensembles at hand – a community part-book is built up rehearsal to rehearsal under the guidance of the composer. In this sense, the homage to visual artist Boltanski is apt, since the work is such that “everyone can do my work for me, once I give the rules,” to quote Boltanski.

With that said, it is important to note that the final score is constructed last, after the groups involved have made their decisions with their conductors and performed the work from the part-books. This is the opposite of a traditional score where a composer composes a score before he or she has heard it played. In the case of LOST, the final score the jury is looking at consists of a snapshot of the work. When the work is performed again (ideally) the community decisions will be different and new part-books are constructed with new children and different ensembles; for example, the work has been performed in the street on street corners as well as in churches and concert venues. It is important to remember the guided improvised aspect and above all of the tempo e rubato concept that is found throughout the score. Nonetheless, it is also possible to perform LOST from the snapshot of the work score one is looking at, thus taking the work off the street and out of the community and into the museum – which, after all, is still useful.

The Mobile Phone Dreams with LOST is a work for piano, mobile phones and small ensemble. It shows how the lost children concept is invading all my work at the moment. The piece is a dream about a central concept that has three ideas:

1) The globalization of the nineties;
2) The mobilization after 2000; and
3) The nomadism of the future as represented by the revolution of the mobile phone all over the planet.

In my dream, mobile phones ring inside the piano. What comes out of the phones are the souls of lost children. The work is a series of panels moving back and forth from dream-piano to improvised child monograms (circles with ensemble). This work also contains improvisation, tempo rubato and proportional notation and as such has slightly different notational outcomes. It is important to read the score with this mind.

- Rocco Di Pietro

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Solos With Electric Shadows From Lost 5

Multiples and The Lost Project is a 2 CD retrospective of the work of Rocco Di Pietro. It represents at least twenty years of work in the cross over between electronic, acoustic, and improvised musics.

The Lost Project


Mobile Phone Dreams with LOST



With The Avant Collective Ensemble

Tears Of Eros (Torso Version ©2000): Text by Georges Bataille and Sam Mangwana. Recited by Rocco DI Pietro and Barbara Adams.



Custom Cd with original art work from the composer



Anoxia (©1999):

Air Pipe, moog sonic V synthesizer, pitch pipe, and piano. Performed by Rocco Di Pietro and Julius Eastman.

Air Piece (©1973)

Custom CD with original art work from the composer


The Glass Case of the Heart's Fragility (1999):

Clocks, pitch pipe, mandolin with triangle beater, piano and piano strings. Performed by Rocco Di Pietro and Julius Eastman.

Clockscape (©1973)

Custom Cd with original art work from the composer


Ipseity (©1999)
Text read by Rocco Di Pietro
With 3 handbells, computer-processed 'screams', & electric Organ

Juli Douglass- Soprano

Custom Cd with original art work from the composer


Solos / Plus

1. Melodia della terra ( violin )
2. Melodia Nera ( Timpanni )
3. Melodia Arcana ( Percussion )
4. Serenata For Lukas ( Piano )
5. Atmospheric Boundaries I
6. Atmospheric Boundaries II
7. Atmospheric Boundaries III
8. Atmospheric Boundaries IV
9. Melodia ( Cello )


The World Of Rocco Di Pietro, VOL. 1

Erotic Triolgy

1)The Glass Case of the Heart's Fragility

2)Tears of Eros



Simulations (Homage to Baudrillard)
For Roland keyboard, trombone, guitar, viola and 'photo-real' magnetic tape

Performed by Rocco Di Pietro , Lon Gormley, and David Malia

1. White Man's Foot ( Two Faust/Multiples )
2. Fool's Run ( Two Faust/Multiples )
3. Paragone ( for Guitar )
4. Failed Star
5. Baudrillard's Room ( Melodia ) Trombone


Three Compositions ( How do we keep what happens to us from becoming an anecdote? )

Self Portrait From The South ; Three Black American Folk Songs ; Three Popular Songs

1. Self Portrait From The South
2. Prayer (Three Black American Folk Songs)
3. Scherzo (Three Black american Folk Songs)
4. Dirge (Three Black american Folk Songs)
5. Pin Ball-Disco (Three Popular Songs)
6. Plum Tree Blues (Three popular Songs)
7. Tango-Muse (Three Popular songs)


Aria For Piano (1978): Performed live in Darmstadt , Germany by Rocco DI Pietro.
30 Links From The Slaughterhouse Of Love (1995): Performed live on Roland keyboard in San Francisco.

Humor Is A Cold Carnival (1994): Text by Umberto Eco recited by Russell Link.

1. Aria For Piano
2. 30 Links From The Slaughterhouse Of Love
3. Humor Is A Cold Carnival

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